Happy New Year Party

This New Year's Eve try out these fun ideas to do with your kids! Even if they don't make it to midnight, this can be a great time for bonding with your family and friends.

It is especially fun to throw a party. Here are some great ideas to include:

Make a pinata to use at your party

Spend time making photo collages of your kids favorite times over the past year.

Have each family member write down their goals, dreams and wishes for the new year. Make a copy of each one, store one copy to open the following December 31st. Use the other copy to place somewhere to encourage everyone to complete their list.

Plan a special menu for your party, include one favorite item for each family member.

Take a family picture each year to look back on.

Have your kids make all the decorations for your party!

Hope you liked the New Years Eve ideas, check back in the holiday section for more ideas!!