Craft Ideas

The craft ideas section offers projects that help nurture your child's self-esteem, creativity, and when you do these projects as a family or group it helps strengthen connections. I know your kids will love these projects!

This page will always be growing so please check back often!

The only rule when doing an art project is that there are no rules or expectations, this promotes self-expression without fear of being judged or graded.

There are many wonderful ways to display your youngsters artwork, which will make them feel proud and appreciated.

I recommend getting some inexpensive frames and rotating favorite pictures that your child makes. Showcase them in a high traffic area in your home. This will make your child's self-esteem soar!

Fiber Crafts

Felted Acorns

Glass Rock Button and Beads

Button Crafts

Glass Magnets

Crayon Hot Rocks

Seasonal Crafts

Autumn Crafts:


Leaf Rubbings

Holiday Crafts

Handprint crafts

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