Food for Kids

Welcome to the food for kids page! Not everyone is a chef, but in the right enviroment I have seen many children find that the kitchen is a great place to nurture their creativity & self-esteem.

Depending on their age, asking your child to help you menu plan, find recipe ideas, and help cook or cook themselves can work wonders.

Healthy snacks are important for children, check back often as this page grows.

I hope you enjoy these delicious recipes, and enjoy them with your kids!

I have shared my list of great cookbooks to use with your kids and for your kids. Included are cookbooks geared towards special health issues some kids face, as well as dietary restrictions.

There are also some great cookbooks that I use for my families weekly meal plans, my most beloved cookbook for family is Apples for Jam: A Colorful Cookbook

I hope you enjoy the books and recipes!

Fruit Recipes

Fruit Kabobs
Making fruit kabobs is a great summer activity and a delicious snack. Make it part of a fun backyard activity Hawaiian Luau party!

Banana Pops
Banana pops make a great frosty treat!

Dried Fruit
You can use dried fruit alone, or mixed into cereal or oatmeal. You could also us it in a homemade trail mix.

Smoothie Recipes
These smoothie recipes are delicious! Subcribe to my feed so you can be updated to newly added kids recipes. Kids love smoothies, they are healthy and so easy to make.

Vegetable Recipes

Vegetable Pinwheels
Maybe it is the look of these, but even picky eaters seem to gobble these up!


Oatmeal Bar
This is a favorite around here, the whole concept of DIY meals really interests kids, I provide the basis (oatmeal for this one) and I fill mini prep bowls with tops with various toppings. Having tops on the bowls makes it easier to clean up and store leftovers.


Snow Ice Cream This is a special treat reserved for winter, remember to avoid the yellow snow!

I hope you liked the food for kids page! Please check out my craft idea page!