Creative Activities and Good eating habits

by Dave

Children should always be given food that is nutritious. However, kids avoid vegetables like broccoli, carrots and spinach. I always believe that in order to feed a child a healthy meal, it should be presented in an attractive way.

My kids eat everything. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, you name it!! The reasons are simple. Firstly, I never cooked special meals for them when they were young. I man to say that I fed them whatever was cooked for all of us. So, right from when they were about a year old, they would sit on the high chair with the rest of us and eat a proper meal.

Secondly, they were offered a wide variety of foods. This only happened because my husband and I both eat all sorts of veggies, fruits and different kinds of cuisines. Italian, continental, Thai, Arabic, Lebanese and all other kinds too. We love cooking, experimenting and sharing recipes. The net result is that our kids have also developed taste buds for a large variety of spices and flavors.

I have never given my kids multi-vitamin tablets for growth or nutrition like the rest of my friends. The reason is that they manage to get all their minerals, vitamins and nutrition from natural sources, so why worry?

Make your child active by engaging him or her in some sport or activity. When inside, let him or her help out with household chores according to the age and ability. Let him eat well, and sleep well. There is no reason why your child will not be blessed with great health, strong bones and a sharp mind.

Developing good eating habits right from the start is the only way to ensure good health. There is no way possible to inculcate these habits in a child when he is 7 or 8 years of age.

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