Creative Summer Activities With My Mom

Unlike other kids, I enjoyed going to school a lot because of the fun activities and our playtime schedules. I found being home boring as both my parents worked the whole day, and I waited for them with a boring babysitter, who only chatted away on her cell phone. I know she had a boyfriend.

When summers came, I was not looking forward to being home without my parent. I never had any fun with my toys or video games. After a week of complete boredom, I found my home telling me about her taking a few months off from work to spend time with me and to look after her health. She told me it was nothing to worry about and that we would have tons of fun this summer.

Nothing made me happier than being home with my mom! We enjoyed the first few weeks making a tree house in the backyard of our house. When it was completed, we would create stories of our own in it and act along with it. Sometimes I would be the king of the castle, and my mom the big monster, or I would be peter pan and she would be Rapunzel.

My mom filled a jar with different activities written on pieces of paper. Every day we pulled one out to see which activity to carry out for that day. We watched movies every night and she read me a new book every day before going to bed. She printed activities for us to do indoors too from the Internet. We made play dough, rock candy, different meals for indoor picnics, and cardboard box houses.

Before I knew it, my summer vacation came to an end, and this time it was going back to school that I didn’t look forward to. As I got ready for my first day of grade 5, my mother promised me to make next summer’s even better. I wondered what could be a more enjoyable summer than this one. She gave me an answer, which was unexpected, but yet so good: by next summer I would have a baby brother or sister to join in with us on our creative activities at home!

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