Film Night

I don't know about you, but I'm usually frazzled by Friday! 5 mornings of 5:30 to 6:30 am starts, doesn't do me many favours!

However, the kids look forward to Friday night. As it's film night, and its become a tradition in our household.

This started when we were struggling financially. Money was really tight. But you need to spoil your kids once in a while, don't you?

Now, we do not traipse off to the local cinema and watch the latest or greatest films. We don't even go to the Saturday morning 'family' showings. The cost was too great even at a £1 per person. It came about from me cleaning and sorting through our DVD collections.

There were a number of kids films in there, that my children had not seen. They were ones that my husband and I enjoyed when we were kids, like “The Goonies” or “Flight of the Navigator”. They didn't seem to come about on telly that much, but they were good films, and enjoyable.

So on a Friday night, I sent my husband to the corner shop to buy the shops own brand of 'Sweet Popcorn'. I arranged the furniture into comfy positions to view the telly. Turned off all the lights in our lounge and called the children.

They were a little confused to begin with. But once sat comfortably I started the film (Flight of the Navigator). They got presented with a drink and popcorn in a bowl.

You could have heard a pin drop!

They were as good as gold, engrossed in the film. For my husband and I, it was heaven, no bickering from tired children fed up with the weeks stresses. It made for a happier household.

Nowadays, we have a “disposable income” (LOL), and so have ventured into a Netflix Membership. We also occasionally buy the new DVD's for film night.

The kids love it! When they workout its Friday, its usually their top request, and dance around chanting “film night, film night, film night”.

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