Fox and Hounds

This is a fun rainy day game. This is also fun at birthday party or sleep over. It is best played in a dark room with a flashlight or lantern as the only light.We go into the basement so we can play during the day.

To play you will need:

a deck of cards

people (the more the merrier for this one)


Have everyone sit in the circle. For each round of play you must pick a leader. The leader counts out as many cards as there are players. There must be one joker card in the pile. The leader then deals one card to each player.

Everyone looks at their card and then places it face down in front of them.

The person with the joker card is the fox. The fox will wink at the hounds, and when this happens the hound says I AM CAUGHT and they flip their card over.

Everyone continually looks each other in the eyes going around the circle. If you are not the fox you want to 'catch' the fox winking.

If you suspect that you know who the fox is and you haven't been 'caught' yet you can announce I HAVE AN ACCUSATION. The game pauses and you say who you think the fox is. That person has to flip over their card if they are the fox the accuser wins. If it is a hound the game continues, and the person with the flipped card is out of the game.

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