Halloween Games

Enjoy these Halloween games, sure to be a hit with your kids. There is a new trend moving away from door to door trick or treating towards Halloween parties.

This page is a work in progress check back for Halloween Printables coming soon!

I haven't included bobbing for apples, although fun there have been concerns about it being unsanitary especially during cold and flu season.

Pumpkin Roll


Pumpkin for each player

Even amount of players


This is sure to get some laughs! You set things up like a relay race. There are two people to a team.

Players stand across from each other. Choose the distance based on the players ages.

The first group to go get on their knees and are blindfolded and using both hands start rolling their pumpkins towards their teammate.

The teammate has to call out directions for the blindfolded player. Once you reach your teammate they put on the blindfold and make their way back to the other end. The winners finish when they have completed going back and forth twice.

Apple Hunt




Adults hide apples around the yard, just like an easter egg hunt, the kids then go around looking for the apples. The winner is the one with the most apples and gets to take them home.

Apple Run



even amount of players


Holding an apple under their chin, players run to the other side of the course, when they reach their team mate they have to pass the apple off without using their hands. If you drop the apple you have to start over.

Donut Eating Contest



Hungry kids


Something to hang the string with (a low tree branch)


Hang donuts from a tree or stick, with their hands behind their back the players have to eat the donuts and see who is done first!

Halloween Printables

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