Seed Paper

The ultimate eco-friendly craft make your own plantable paper! A friend of mine showed me how to do this a few years ago. This is a great way to use paper that you would toss in the recycle bin.

I have used the following paper with success:

Boxes (soak first)

Construction Paper


Gift Wrap (that is uncoated)

Junk Mail

Magazines (avoid high gloss)



Office Paper

Old Greeting Cards

Paper Bags

Phone Book Pages

Tissue Paper (I like using different colors)

Toilet Paper


Optional add-ins:





flower petals


Supplies needed:

large piece of wool felt or a screen frame




4 cup Pyrex measuring cup


1. Choose what paper sources you will use, and then rip up paper into one inch squares. You don't have to be totally accurate!

2. Fill your blender to the halfway point with your torn paper.

3. Fill the blender with warm water.

4. Blend on low setting at first, then increase speed slowly. You are done when your pulp looks well blended with no pieces of paper left.

5. At this point if you wanted to do other add in’s stir them in now, do not blend!

6. Pour pulp into strainer draining out the excess water into measuring cup.

7. Pour strained pulp out onto your piece of felt, and begin patting it down into your desired shape. Be sure not to make it too thick.

8. Use a microfiber towel to press out more water.

9. Sprinkle flower seeds over paper and lightly press into pulp.

10. Let it dry. You can put it in front of a fan, or if you are impatient like me use your blow dryer.

You can use the finished product for book covers, cards, gift labels, to be made into gift wrap or bags. If you gift some to a friend, be sure to tell them to plant it when they are ready to recycle it!