Berry Ink

Making your own ink is fun, and super easy! I did this with the kids I used to nanny, and they had so much fun creating different colors. We used the ink to write fancy letters using quill pens. We also used the ink for stamping, and making treasure maps.

Fun science fact: The vinegar in the recipe helps the ink keep its color. The salt keeps the ink from getting moldy.

This is fun to do during the berry theme week.


½ cup of ripe berries (edible varieties only) ½ teaspoon vinegar ½ teaspoon salt

measuring cups and spoons large mixing bowl strainer wooden spoon baby food jar or prep bowl with cover

1. Place your berries in the strainer, set the strainer on top of the mixing bowl.

2. Using the wooden spoon crush the berries so the juice flows into the bowl.

3. Add the salt and vinegar to your berry juice.

4. Add water if it is too thick, add more berry juice if it is too thin.

5. Pour into your container. Keep it covered when not in use.

6. Use this for stamping, or writing with quill pens!