Papier Mache

Papier mache is a great craft for kids, and it is eco friendly too!

Some newspaper, a little water, a balloon or mold, and some paint and viola! You have a cool mask or wall decoration. This is one of the most asked for crafts I get from kids. Did you know that papier-mâché is French? When translated to English it means 'chewed up paper'.

Here are two basic paste recipes to get you started.


Paste Recipe 1:

3 parts water to 1 part flour

1-2 drops of Wintergreen oil (this prolongs the life of your paste and is optional)

Mix the flour, water, and oil until smooth and well blended.


Paste Recipe 2:

2 parts white glue to one part water

Mix until well blended.

You can also by ready made papier mache paste.


Paper choices:

Newspaper, phone book pages, tissue paper, gift wrap, junk mail, basically....PAPER!

I really like the effect I get when I use colored or printed tissue paper for the top layer.


Mold choices:


Flexible silicon item (like bake ware) is a great mold because it easily comes away from your finished project.

Old plastic Halloween mask (if you want it to fit on your face)

You can use play dough as a mold, just form it into the desired shape. Basically anything you want to use as a mold you can, but remember that you will have to put a layer of plastic wrap in between the finished project and your mold.


Once your papier mache project is dried and removed from it's mold you can paint, design and decorate as you see fit.

For further ideas check out these books:

Below you will find a papier mache made by a 12 year old named Haley, we used play dough to make the mold and then she painted it using acrylic paints.

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